Active Coffe Ring

Active Matter Alters the Growth Dynamics of Coffee Rings
Tugba Andac, Pascal Weigmann, Sabareesh K. P. Velu, Erçağ Pinçe, Agnese Callegari, Giorgio Volpe & Giovanni Volpe
Soft Matter, DOI: 10.1039/C8SM01350K (2019)


ForceHigh-Performance Reconstruction of Microscopic Force Fields from Brownian Trajectories
Laura Pérez García, Jaime Donlucas Pérez, Giorgio Volpe, Alejandro V. Arzola, Giovanni Volpe
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ucl.pngDynamic Control of Particle Deposition in Evaporating Droplets by an External Point Source of Vapor
Robert Malinowski, Giovanni Volpe, Ivan P Parkin & Giorgio Volpe
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PorousThe Topography of the Environment Alters the Optimal Search Strategy for Active Particles
Giorgio Volpe & Giovanni Volpe
PNAS 114, 11350-11355 (2017)

petri-dish.pngChemotactic Synthetic Vesicles: Design and Applications in Blood Brain Barrier Crossing
Adrian Joseph, Claudia Contini, Denis Cecchin, Sophie Nyberg, Lorena Ruiz-Perez, Jens Gaitzsch, Gavin Fullstone, Xiaohe Tian, Juzaili Azizi, Jane Preston, Giorgio Volpe & Giuseppe Battaglia
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Active particleActive Particles in Complex and Crowded Environments
Clemens Bechinger, Roberto Di Leonardo, Hartmut Löwen, Charles Reichhardt, Giorgio Volpe & Giovanni Volpe
Review of Modern Physics 88, 045006 (2016)

MSTMSpatiotemporal Coherent Control of Light through a Multiple Scattering Medium with the Multispectral Transmission Matrix
Mickael Mounaix, Daria Andreoli, Hugo Defienne, Giorgio Volpe, Ori Katz, Samuel Grésillon & Sylvain Gigan
Physical Review Letters 116, 253901 (2016)

SpeckleDisorder-mediated Crowd Control in an Active Matter System
Erçağ Pinçe, Sabareesh K. P. Velu, Agnese Callegari, Parviz Elahi, Sylvain Gigan, Giovanni Volpe & Giorgio Volpe
Nature Communications 7, 10907 (2016)


Probing Extended Modes on Disordered Plasmonic Networks by Wavefront Shaping
Pierre Bondareff, Giorgio Volpe, Sylvain Gigan & Samuel Grésillon
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Deterministic Control of Broadband Light through a Multiply Scattering Medium via the Multispectral Transmission Matrix
Daria Andreoli, Giorgio Volpe, Sébastien Popoff, Ori Katz, Samuel Grésillon & Sylvain Gigan
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Step-by-step Guide to the Realization of Advanced Optical Tweezers
Giuseppe Pesce, Giorgio Volpe, Onofrio M Maragó, Philip H Jones, Sylvain Gigan, Antonio Sasso & Giovanni Volpe
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Long-term Influence of Fluid Inertia on the Diffusion of a Brownian Particle
Giuseppe Pesce, Giorgio Volpe, Giovanni Volpe & Antonio Sasso
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Giorgio Volpe, Lisa Kurz, Agnese Callegari, Giovanni Volpe & Sylvain Gigan
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Simulation of the Active Brownian Motion of a Microswimmer
Giorgio Volpe, Sylvain Gigan & Giovanni Volpe
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Brownian Motion in a Speckle Light Field: Tunable Anomalous Diffusion and Selective Optical Manipulation
Giorgio Volpe, Giovanni Volpe & Sylvain Gigan
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Simulation of a Brownian Particle in an Optical Trap
Giorgio Volpe & Giovanni Volpe
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Nonlinear Optical Antennas
Hayk Harutyunyan, Giorgio Volpe & Lukas Novotny
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Giorgio Volpe, Monika Noack, Srdjan S. Acimovic, Carsten Reinhardt & Romain Quidant
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Active Brownian Motion Tunable by Light
Ivo Buttoni, Giovanni Volpe, Felix Kümmel, Giorgio Volpe & Clemens Bechinger
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Enhancing the Nonlinear Optical Response using Multifrequency Gold-nanowire Antennas
Hayk Harutyunyan, Giorgio Volpe, Romain Quidant & Lukas Novotny
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Giorgio Volpe, Giovanni Volpe & Romain Quidant
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Giorgio Volpe, Gabriel Molina-Terriza & Romain Quidant
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Simó Graells, Srdjan Açimoviç, Giorgio Volpe & Romain Quidant
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Giovanni Volpe, Giorgio Volpe & Giuseppe Pesce
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Giorgio Volpe, Sudhir Cherukulappurath, Roser Juanola Parramon, Gabriel Molina-Terriza & Romain Quidant
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Quantitive Assessment of Non-conservative Radiation Forces in an Optical Trap 
Giuseppe Pesce, Giorgio Volpe, Anna Chiara de Luca, Giulia Rusciano, Giovanni Volpe & Antonio Sasso
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Singular Point Characterization in Microscopic Flows
Giorgio Volpe, Giovanni Volpe & Dmitri Petrov
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Giorgio Volpe, Giovanni Volpe & Dmitri Petrov
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