David Bronte

Visiting PhD Student (13 January 2022 – 12 April 2022)

David visited us from mid January 2022 till mid April 2022 during a secondment within the ITN Active Matter. David studied the motion of elongated active particles in complex optical potentials.

thumbnail_PhotoDavid_AMThis is David’s short bio: “I’m a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Onofrio Maragò and Dr Antonella Iatì at the CNR-IPCF in Messina (Italy). I am part of the Innovative Training Network on Active Matter. I completed my BSc in physics between the University of Zaragoza (3 years) and UNSW Sydney (1 year) and I got my master’s degree in condensed matter physics and biophysics from UAM in 2020. So far, my research has ranged from modelling optical forces and particle dynamics by using artificial intelligence, to the experimental study of spherical Janus particles in an optical tweezers set up. By doing this secondment in Dr Giorgio Volpe’s and Prof Phil Jones’s groups, I aim to experimentally deepen the understanding of the dynamics of elongated artificial active swimmers in optical landscapes.”

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